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In the Andria region of southern Italy, Castel del Monte is a citadel and castle dating back to the 13th century which is named after the mountain on which it is located. In the 1240s, Emperor Frederick II built the castle with lands inherited from his mother who was the Constance of Sicily. The architecture of the castel is a mixture of classical and Islamic style which makes it in the list of UNESCO World Heritage List. Relish the lush greenery from the castle on top of the mountain around the months of July and August, which is also one of the best time to visit Castel del Monte. The castle is constructed using white marbles, limestones and coral breccia in an octagon shape. The castle is especially fascinating because of its unique design and attracts architecture lovers. It is one of the most famous monuments which also features at the backside of the Italian cents.

Interesting facts about Castel del Monte

Interesting facts about Castel del Monte
  • It combines classical and Islamic architecture styles with mathematical precision, which contributes to the building's inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

  • One of the most interesting Castel del Monte facts is that during the French bombardment of 1528, the castle was destroyed.

  • A wedding took place at the castle in 1249 for Violante, the daughter of King Frederick II.

  • One of the Castel del Monte facts is that there is a picture of the castle on the Italian Euro cent coin.

  • Castel del Monte is a bonus point and attack area in the online game "Forge of Empires".

  • Limestone, white marble, and coral breccia were used in the construction of the castle. In this way, the walls of the building display a very distinctive chromatic effect.

  • With 206,924 visitors and 518,960 Euros earned by this site make it the thirteenth most visited Italian state site.

  • A mystery still remains regarding the architect-builder despite decades of study and investigation.

  • In the Middle Ages, a fortress was located on the site, which was originally Norman, then Longboard.

Visiting the castle

Visiting the castle

The castle can be seen in an hour in which you can enjoy wonderful views of the green interior of Puglia, dotted with farms, olive groves, and sheep grazing. The castle has an amazing mixture of the classical Italian and Islamic structure. The interior of the castle is designed with white marble and limestone.The castle is in the octagon shape which makes it a unique design and one of the reasons behind its popularity. You will also have a few souvenir stands selling postcards and cheap gifts just below the castle, where the buses stop. Or you can also visit the bars and restaurants that are available, but not always open.

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Timings & Location
  • Timings: 10am- 6pm

  • Location: Contrada Castel del Monte Ex, Strada Statale 170, 76123 Andria BT, Italy


Why is Castel del Monte famous?

    The Castel del Monte is famous for its architectural structure and reflects the experience of its founder Emperor Frederick II. Besides that the castle is at the hilltop from where you can see the 360 degree view of the city. It is one of the most famous in the world and also featured on the Italian coin.

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