Overview Of Castel del Monte Tickets

Castel del Monte Tickets gives visitors access to the iconic UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site of Castel del Monte that dates back to the 13th century. Through this ticket, you will get an opportunity to sight the remarkable octagonal architecture of the castle and its surrounding towers. You can explore the entire castle and discover the secrets left behind by the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II during his influential reign.

From the architecture to the history, the Castel del Monte Tickets provide you with an opportunity to learn everything about the castle. If you are an architect lover, you would feel your heart skip a beat with the sight of its pleasing interiors as well as exteriors. You will also be astonished to learn about the big brains of the people from the strategic plan of the terraces on the towers. Therefore, these tickets are a complete package of witnessing an exemplary masterpiece of architecture that leaves everyone surprised with its beauty.

Why Visit Castel del Monte ?

Why Visit Castel del Monte ?

You should purchase the Castel del Monte Tickets to visit the attraction as the castle offers an interesting history and architecture of the place. Constructed directly on a rocky hill, the castle shows the choice of strategic location during the Middle Ages. People from different parts of the world are attracted to the Castel del Monte due to its octagonal shape, with each octagonal-shaped tower placed on eight sides of the tower. These towers look so pleasing that you would not want to take your eyes off them.

After climbing to the top of the tower, you will come across a terrace paved with stone slabs that offer striking views of the surroundings. This panoramic view is another gorgeous sight to behold on your visit to the Castel del Monte. If you are an architecture and nature lover, this attraction is certainly a must-visit site for you to experience the different humanist ideas implemented in the structure by its founder.

Castel del Monte Architecture

The Castel del Monte features an octagonal shape that measures about 36 meters in diameter. This octagonal shape narrates the transitional figures between the square and the circle, in which the square represents the earth and the circle represents the sky. There are two storeys in the palace, each story features eight interconnected chambers. Even the structure of the roof terrace is constructed with stone slabs in a herringbone pattern. The terrace is also designed in such a way that you can see enemies from even a far distance. Each of the rooms in the castle is embellished with valuable mosaics, paintings, tapestries, and polychrome marbles.

 The Exterior of the Castel del Monte
The Exterior of the Castel del Monte

The Castel del Monte Tickets allow visitors to explore the exterior part of the castle, which looks like a fortress. The exterior area of the castle includes giant walls, corner towers, loopholes, and portcullis gates. The castle also has delicately joined masonry that is composed of large limestone ashlar blocks. The intellects credit the founder Frederick II for the original construction of the castle, in which he used his ideas to create the singular aspects of architecture. When you look at the castle from the outside, you will discover several geometric schemes adjusted by accurate numerical relationships.

 The Plan of the Castel del Monte
The Plan of the Castel del Monte

The plan of the Castel del Monte features an octagonal shape, which controls both the courtyard and the outer parameters of the castle. With the Castel del Monte Tickets, you will learn that the maximum width of the tower is 49.6 meters if you measure it from opposite angles. Each side of the castle has a distance of about 9.8 meters between the towers, while the outside wall has a thickness of 3 meters at the foundation. As far as the design is concerned, the structure that faces Andria features a Classical style with Gothic details. You will also find pilasters with foliate capitals on the lintel of the doors.

 The Interior of the Castel del Monte
The Interior of the Castel del Monte

There are the same arrangements on both floors in the interior of the Castel del Monte. With the Castel del Monte Tickets, you can pay a visit to the eight trapezoidal rooms that intercommunicate with the windows and floors on the face of the inner court. Each of the rooms has three vaults, with quasi-barrel vaults over the lateral and triangular sections and rib vaults over the central square. You will discover rosette bosses in the white limestone ribs and slabs of coral breccia at the interior walls of the castle. All the rooms of the castle provide you with an entrance to the corner towers, and out of all these rooms, five rooms are designed as service rooms, while the other three are circular on the interior.

Facts About Castel del Monte

Facts About Castel del Monte
  • The Castel del Monte is constructed with three types of materials, namely coral breccia and white marble, thereby giving the structure a chromatic look.
  • You will be surprised to know one of the Castel del Monte facts that the name of the architect-builder of the castle is still unknown even after several years of research and investigation.
  • The attraction garners the interest of 206924 visitors throughout the year, thus earning the country an income of EUR 518960.
  • Castel del Monte was constructed over the ruins of the foregoing fortress.
  • The structure of the building has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site for its accuracy in the interior, layout, and towers.
  • You can avail yourself of the points and attack bonuses in the online game, “Forge of Empires”.
  • The appearance of the castle on the Italian Euro cent coin is yet another one of the interesting Castel del Monte facts.

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Timings & Location
  • Timings: 10.15 am to 7.45 pm (April to September), 9 am to 6.30 pm (October to March)

  • Location: Contrada Castel del Monte Ex, Strada Statale 170, 76123 Andria BT, Italy.


Are Castel del Monte Tickets available online?

    Yes, Castel del Monte Tickets are available online on our website. Booking the ticket online will remove the hassle of standing in long queues under the sun's scorching heat. Besides this, you can also avail yourself of the deals and discounts with the online ticket booking facility.

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